​​​​​​​​Tree and Bench Donations ​By dedicating a tree or a bench in the Forest Preserves of Cook County, you can honor the memory of a family member or friend, commemorate a special anniversary, or celebrate a new beginning by making a gift that will last for years to come. All tree and bench donors receive an engraved leaf on one of our beautiful, hand crafted wooden Giving Trees.

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Dedicate a Bench
The Forest Preserves of Cook County have more than
340 miles of trails for hiking and biking. Along these trails, a
bench offers a place to rest, reflect, and take in the surroundings.
Donating a bench helps to beautify the trails and creates a
special place to celebrate a loved one or an
​important event.

The dedicated bench is installed at the donor's choice
from select locations in the Forest Preserves of Cook
​County. The bench is made of recycled plastic and comes
​affixed with a plaque. If desired, a notification letter will be sent to the honoree or the honoree’s family.

A donation of $3,000 covers the cost of the bench, shipping, maintenance, and installation.
​The installation date is coordinated with the donor’s schedule.

Dedicate a Tree
Donating a tree leaves a special and long-lasting tribute to
a special person or occasion, while supporting  the conservation, education and recreation efforts of the Forest Preserves. 

The nearly 69,000 acres of the Forest Preserves of Cook County are home to a magnificent variety of trees - more than 70 species can be found here. These trees provide many benefits, including habitat for wildlife, improved air and water quality, and a beautiful and vibrant landscape that can be enjoyed by all.

Please note: While the Foundation will work to secure the location the donor prefers, the final location of the tree must be approved by Forest Preserves of Cook County based on site layout and species compatibility with soil chemistry and soil moisture.

Scheduling Tree Dedications

​​- Dedicated trees are planted in the spring and in the fall.
- To plant a tree in the spring season, orders must be placed by
 March 1.
- To plant a tree in the fall season, orders must be placed by 
August 1.
- A Tree Dedication Ceremony will be held every year on
Arbor Day (the last Saturday in April), to which all tree donors are

​Tree Species Available for Dedication
Native tree species available for dedication include: American Basswood (American Linden), American Beech, American Sycamore, Blue Beech (American Hornbeam), Bur Oak (spring only), Commendation Elm (Morton Stalwart Elm), Honey Locust, Kentucky Coffee, Northern Hackberry (spring only), Red Maple, River Birch (spring only), and Sugar Maple.       

Tree Dedication Levels 
We offer two tree dedication levels, described below. All tree dedication donations cover the cost of the tree and its planting, care for the first 5 years, and a framed certificate mailed to the honoree. An engraved leaf plaque will be placed on a donor board at a nature center for 5 or 10 years, depending on dedication level, with the option for renewal. Trees remain dedicated for the life of the plant.

Tree Dedication LevelCostChoice of Tree SpeciesChoice of Location

Tree Diameter at

Time of Planting

Leaf Plaque Duration
Level 1 $1,200Donor's Choice*Donor's Choice*

Large - 2" 

10 years
Level 2 $850

Forest Preserve District Choice

Forest Preserve

District Choice

Small - 1"

5 years

*Requires Forest Preserve staff approval

Placing a Dedication Order

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If you would like more information before placing your order, please call 312-603-8349 and we will be happy to discuss any questions you may have.  Thank you!